Vote for the Borgo of the Borghi of Calabria

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 Also this year, as usual, there is a contest that is good for the Italy of small towns: the election of Borgo dei Borghi, broadcast in prime time on Rai Tre on Saturday 3, 10 and 17 November 2018 until the final on Saturday 24.
Of 60 competing villages divided into three groups: A, B and C, the 20 best will arrive in the final, one for each region. The spectators can participate in the preliminary contest and express their preference for each of the 3 elimination groups.
A journey through the Italy of small towns that Camila Raznovich makes from the South to the North of Italy with the art historian Philippe Daverio. A journey in stages to reveal the most hidden treasures of our peninsula, often outside the traditional tourist circuits, but equally rich in history, art and culture and that over the years are gradually becoming known.
Calabria, of course, rich as it is in beautiful places and villages, participates with 3 municipalities:
– Morano Calabro (CS): in group A,
– Santa Severina (KR): in group B,
– Stilo (RC): in group C.
How to support Calabria? It’s very simple: during the three preliminary evenings (we repeat: 3, 10 and 17 November) just click here and go on the website of the broadcast, from 16.00 on October 9 until 23.59 on November 22, and vote (after registration that allows only one vote per day!) for Morano Calabro, Santa Severina and/or Stilo. During the final evening (November 24), however, you can express your preference only by tele-vote by calling from landline on 894.222 and from mobile on 475.475.0; the definition of the final ranking will also participate in a technical jury.
So…let’s vote for our Borghi!

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