Ermes Tour nominated for the Italy Travel Awards 2019 … vote for us!

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Every year the Italia Travel Awards are organized, prizes dedicated to the Italian tourism industry, given according to the preferences of both travelers and travel agents.
Last year, the awards were awarded by 22.755 voters, 20% of which were agencies and the remaining 80% tourists. The reasons that led the organizers to think and carry out this award can be summarized as specified below:

  • to celebrate the excellence in the Italian tourist scene;
  • to strengthen the value of the Italian tourism sector;
  • to encourage continuous improvement among the protagonists of the travel sector;
  • to strengthen consumer confidence in Italian tourism companies;
  • to offer participants and winners an opportunity to demonstrate their success;
  • to participate in a unique event and annual reference point for the tourism sector;
  • to offer a unique networking opportunity to all the protagonists of the Italian tourism industry.

his year we decided to participate as Ermes Tour. To be safe and secure, we will show you below in which categories you can vote for us, depending on whether you are a travel agent or a traveler; travel agents can vote for us as:
– Small/medium sized, specialised, preferred niche tour operators;
travelers can vote for us as:
– Preferred Travel Agency;
– Favorite Travel Instagram Profile.
Voting is simple and we need the vote of each of you!
Here’s how to do it:
– Login if you are already registered,
– proceed with an ex-novo registration depending on whether you are a Travel Agent or a Traveller, filling in all the fields with your data;
– if you are a traveler proceed with the voting and in the field “Preferred travel agency” copy and paste this link: – while, in the field “Favorite travel Instagram profile” copy and paste this link:, or, if you are a travel agent, proceed with the vote and in the field “T.O. medium/small, specialized, niche” write “Ermes Tour”.

You’ll ask “why should I participate?”, well as to allow us at Ermes Tour to achieve a good result in the section “Travel Agencies”, “Instagram profile of preferred trips” and “Tour Operator small/medium, specialized, niche”, also you’ll have the chance to win a prize yourself. For example, Vueling is giving away 8 return air tickets to a European destination!
There is time until Monday 28 January 2019 to vote.
The prizes will be awarded during a special event in May 2019.

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