AirBnb places Calabria among the 19 trend destinations of 2019

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Someone must have thought “…but no, it’s certainly a fake news!” but it’s not! It’s really true! Calabria has been included among the 19 destinations that during 2019 will be trendy, justifying this decision by stating that it is “one of the least visited regions of the country, but has everything that national and international visitors seek: mountains, national parks, medieval villages, a long coastline and a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. AirBnb focuses in particular on the city of Cosenza, which with its simplicity and charm rarely found in the most famous cities in the country, the city is 45 minutes drive from the airport of Lamezia Terme and four hours drive from the airports of Naples and Bari.
Here, then, is another international giant that speaks of our land in terms of tourism attractive. There is even talk of a 100% increase in inclusion in the list of desires of AirBnb users about Calabria.

In particular, AirBnb lists the following destinations as top destinations for 2019:
1 – Kaikoura, New Zealand
2 – Xiamen, China
3 – Puebla, Mexico
4 – Normandy, France
5 – Great Smoky Mountains, United States
6 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
7 – Accra, Ghana
8 – Mozambique
9 – Outer Hebrides, Scotland
10 – Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
11 – Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, United States
12 – State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
13 – Batumi, Georgia
14 – Winnipeg, Canada
15 – Pondicherry, India
16 – Uzbekistan
17 – Calabria
18 – Andalusia
19 – Taiwan

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How was this ranking built? Starting from a processing of internal data, such as bookings for 2019 made from October 2018 compared to bookings for 2018 made from October 2017; research of October/November 2018 compared to research of October/November 2017; inclusion in the wish list of November 2018 compared to those of November 2017. Finally, AirBnb says: “We have found that most of our trendy destinations are places where healthy, sustainable and authentic tourism benefits both residents and travelers”.
In short, further confirmation that Calabria is still little known to tourists, but also arouses much interest at the international level.

Clicca qui e leggi l’articolo completo presente sul sito web di AirBnb.

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    1. Dear Rani, Calabria has been included among the 19 destinations of 2109 at the international level and it is a reason of pride for us! It is the only Italian region included in the list.

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