2019, the year of Slow Tourism

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It all started in 2016 with the national year of the Walks, then 2017 was the national year of the Villages, the last one (2018) was dedicated to Italian food. And 2019? The year just started is dedicated to Slow Tourism!

The aim is nothing more than to promote the Italian territories less known by international tourism and relaunch them in a sustainable way by promoting innovative travel experiences. Some examples of activities related to Slow Tourism are: historical trains, cultural routes, walking, cycling, horseback riding, routes related to local crafts, snowshoeing on the snow. It comes from itself that the territories that are closest to Slow Tourism are the mountain ones; territories that can be covered and experienced during all 12 months of the year, because each season presents its characteristics and its peculiarities and characterizes the surrounding environment.

And Calabria? In this “slow” context, our region is well suited to this type of tourism, thanks to its particular naturalistic predisposition. Just during the 2018 edition of the B.I.T. (International Tourism Exchange) in Milan, the Touring Club presented the guide “Cammini di Calabria – Walking in Calabria”, where there are precisely and described the walks officially recognized on our regional territory: the Walk of the Brigand (from Gambarie d’Aspromonte to Serra San Bruno and Stilo), the Walk of St. Francis of Paola (from San Marco Argentano to Paola and Paterno Calabro), the Walk of Gioacchino and the Walk of the English. A further step forward (just to stay on the subject of “walks”) in order to make known to the most our potential for sustainable tourism, especially related to nature and wellness.

To have a small feedback of what have been the commercial effects related to the year of the Villages in 2017, according to the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, have reached about 1 million arrivals, while for the year of Food, according to estimates of Mibact (now Mibac), there were at least 2.5 million presences.
The watchword, therefore, for 2019 (and not only … we hope!) is to live tourism in a green key, in close contact with nature. Backpackers travelers … let’s go!

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