2nd Forum on Tourism in the City of Cosenza

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2 days; more than 8 hours a day; many experts in the local, national and international sector; different realities and excellences of the territory…was it just a matter of numbers? No! The 2nd Forum on Tourism organized by the Councillor for Tourism and Territorial Marketing of the Municipality of Cosenza, Rosaria Succurro, was much more and wasn’t limited to the municipality, but has gone far beyond.

Let’s start from the moment (probably one of the most awaited by the operators of the sector): the presentation of the statistical data on the tourist flows of the City in 2018, prepared by Demoskopika and presented by Raffaele Rio:
– about 104.000 presences (+ 6% compared to 2017);
– about 21,000 foreign tourists (+23%);
– in June, July, August and September: +14% of foreign tourists compared to 2017;
– in December: + 9% of foreign tourists compared to 2017.
Focusing on flows from other countries, tourists come mainly from: Poland, USA, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, China and the United Kingdom.

Another interesting data is the result relating to the perception that the citizen has on the trend of tourist flows: 8 citizens out of 10, in fact, believes that tourism is an important sector for the economic and social development of the City.
These are, without a shadow of a doubt, important analyses and data that give hope for the future (in the short, medium and long term), both for the urban area and for the rest of the territory of Calabria. This is the demonstration that with the right commitment, professionalism, concreteness, results sooner or later arrive.
Another interesting moment of the Forum was the presentation of the Strategic Plan of Cosenza by the international expert of Territorial Marketing, Josep Ejarque: the City should continue on the road of the “Cosenza Experience”, focusing mainly (but not only) on the wine experience, the myth of Alarico and creative tourism. The targets on which to focus attention are: families, millennials (those who were born between the early 80s and late 90s), over 40 and bleisure (those tourists who travel for business, but then looking for in the destination where they also go moments of personal recreation). Among the many testimonies present in the two days in Cosenza, we of Ermes Tour found particularly interesting: Gianluca Laterza of TripAdvisor; Laura Audi of the Tour Operator “Somewhere Tours & Events” (who proposed the experience of underground Turin); Stefano Tulli of Winedering.com (who urged Calabria to promote more local wine excellence); Antonella Mesolella of Expedia (who said that towards our region there was an exponential growth of 152% of admissions from Argentina!); Luciano Scauri SKL International Hotel Consulting Services (who explained to the attentive audience and in a way understandable to all the difficult topic of Revenue Management); Nicoletta Polliotto of Muse Comunicazione (who placed the emphasis on the social part of tourism).

Really very interesting and engaging their experiences and their contribution, to be lowered and “adapted” to our territory.
We of Ermes Tour have also brought our experience, focusing on the concept of “hospitality” that can’t only be combined with the professionalism of accommodation facilities, but must be seen in a broader and more comprehensive, we also announced that we are dedicated to identifying and promoting the experiences that can be done in Calabria, focusing mainly on 5 main themes: art, culture and religion – crafts – food and wine – relaxation & wellness – sport, adventure and nature.

Occasions like these we hope can be organized more and more often and always at these levels. Thanks and many sincere compliments we feel we are doing to Councillor Rosaria Succurro and (in alphabetical order) a: Debora Calomino, Simona De Carlo, Tiziana Nicotera and Veronica Catalano.
See you at the 3rd Tourism Forum!


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