“Io vado al Museo”: news about free entrance to Italian Museums

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From this year, and precisely from March 2019, changes the organization of days dedicated to free entrance to Italian museums. The characteristics change and so does the name: no longer “Domenica al Museo” but “Io vado al Museo”.
The current Minister of MIBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities), Alberto Bonisoli, recently signed the Decree that regulates, in fact, free admission to Italian museums.
The new management of free admission days provides for:

  • 20 free entrances per year, compared to 12 in the past;
  • the free days will not be every month, but from October to March;
  • the Culture Week 2019 will take place from Tuesday 5 to Sunday 10 March;
  • the other free days can be chosen at the discretion of the directors of the Museums who, among other things, can also divide the entrances in time slots, so as to adapt to various local needs and museums;
  • for young people from 18 to 25 years of age, entrance will cost € 2.00;
  • entrance will be free for: minors, some types of students and teachers, protected categories.

The Ministry has also published a website that can be reached by clicking here, where it is possible to have more details on the initiative, view its multimedia contents and plan the visit by setting up the search by typing in the name of the Museum or place, the Region of reference and the Province: proceeding in this way, the list of the Museums that have joined the initiative with the relative dates will be available.

Just to give some data, demonstrating the validity of this initiative, in 2018 the people who visited Italian archaeological sites and museums were over 55 million, 5 million more than in 2017; free entrance, however, increased from 26 million to 30.5 million.

We look favourably and hope once again for a great deal of interest and success in this initiative.
Ermes Tour will continue to advertise the free entrance days in the Museums of Calabria and to promote thematic packages and tourist services on request, to be arranged according to needs. We also communicate to the Museums of Calabria, our full availability to create collaborations, because … #IoVadoAlMuseo!

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