Calabria present at BMT in Naples

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Also for the edition n°23 of the BMT (Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo) of Naples, Calabria is present.
One of the reasons that motivates many operators in the sector to participate in this important trade fair event is to consolidate one of the main Italian markets of origin to our regional areas.
Data at hand, in fact, in 2018 were more than 2 million tourists from Campania who chose the Tyrrhenian coast and the Ionian coast of Calabria for their holidays, reaching 25% of the total arrivals and presences.
The main themes proposed at the fair were: nautical tourism and food and wine trails, no longer just the sea, then, despite its 800 km of coastline, but the focus was also focused on other “attractors”: culture, traditions, nature and mountains.
The local gastronomy, therefore, with ad hoc routes and experiences to live on the spot. All this thanks to the renowned “Mediterranean Diet”, which has become a UNESCO Intangible Heritage Site and which originated in Calabria, more precisely in Nicotera, in the province of Vibo Valentia. Lidia Bastianich, a world icon of good Italian cuisine in the world, has dedicated a lot of attention to the Mediterranean Diet, so much so that she has also written a book with recipes inspired by her journey to coincide with the 1st Meeting on the Mediterranean Diet. And this year will take place the second edition of this Meeting, with another chef of international renown and Calabrian origin: Francesco Mazzei, who is taking around the world the best of Mediterranean and Calabrian cuisine. The Red Onion of Tropea IGP, then, the ‘nduja of Spilinga, the chili pepper and its Diamond Festival, the wines of Cirò…

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