Holidays & Festivities 2019

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2019 is another advantageous year for those who want to treat themselves to a few days of relaxation and take advantage of it to visit some of the destinations in Calabria, exploring different themes: from culture to rituals and local traditions, from food and wine to nature, from sport to wellness, etc..
Throughout 2019, taking only 15 days of vacation, you can organize 62 days of vacation, booking in advance and relying on experts in the area, can also save … and not little.
Can’t you believe it? Here are some examples of “bridge” that can be used by anyone:

  • Easter – 3 days: from Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd April;
  • Liberation Day – 4 days: from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th April (taking only 1 day off);
  • 1st May – 5 days: from Saturday 27th April to Wednesday 1st May (taking 2 days off);
  • 25th April + 1 May – 7 days: from Thursday 25th April to Wednesday 1st May (taking 3 days off);
  • Mid-August – 6 days: from Saturday 10th to Thursday 15th August (taking 3 days off);
  • Mid-August – 4 days: from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th August (taking 1 day off);
  • All Saints – 3 days: from Friday 1st to Sunday, November 3rd;
  • Christmas and Santo Stefano – 6 days: from Saturday 21th to Thursday 26th December (2 days off);
  • New Year’s Day – 5 days: from Saturday 28th December to Wednesday 1st January (2 days off);
  • Epiphany – 4 days: from Friday 3rd to Monday 6th January (1 day holiday).

Now you believe it, don’t you?! As you’ve just read, you need very little to be able to find the right holidays & bridges for your needs in 2019.

All you have to do is contact the people who organize tourist packages and do it by profession and then … prepare your bags and parts!

We at Ermes Tour are waiting for you to contact us so we can suggest our best proposals and offers to suit your needs and requirements. You can contact us at the following telephone number +39.0984.1716300 (the same number also applies to chat with us through WhatsApp), or by writing to us at the following email address

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