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The editorial project of Trenitalia called Travel Book includes several proposals relating to the possibility of offering tourist experiences in the perspective of sustainable travel, always at the center of society’s attention.
The data on tourist flows are clear: passengers who decide to travel by train (both for leisure and work) are increasing: just think that during 2018 foreign tourists who traveled with Trenitalia were up 19% compared to 2017 and in the first quarter of 2019 the increase was 22%.
So what are Travel Books? It is about the promotion of proposals relating to the possibility of reaching certain destinations through the Italian via ferrata; each of these proposals has a specific theme, namely:

  • wellness and therefore thermal resorts;
  • Parks and therefore natural oases;
  • the snow and therefore the ski resorts;
  • the UNESCO World Heritage and therefore the officially recognized Italian sites;
  • the great Italian gardens and therefore the “fairytale” places;
  • the sea of the south, of the islands and of the north and therefore the beaches to love;
  • the Villages and therefore the enchanted places.
    Our region is among the protagonists of this initiative; discover the Trenitalia Travel Book for Calabria:
  • among the Italian spa resorts directly accessible by regional trains, stand out the Terme Luigiane in Acquappesa (Cosenza): “the peace of mind a few steps from the Riviera dei Cedri” can be reached just over 2 km from the railway station of Guardia Piemontese Terme, here you can enjoy therapeutic whirlpool, hydrokinesitherapy, swimming against the current, water-gym, as well as turbo showers;
  • three of the 61 beaches of the Belpaese, on the other hand, stand out in Calabria:
    – Pizzo (VV) – distance from the station: 50m – the best ice cream of the Costa degli Dei (…and not only!) and the Church of Piedigrotta;
    – Tropea (VV) – distance from the station: 850m – terrace overlooking the sea of Calabria and the famous red onion;
    – Ricadi (VV) – distance from the station: 800m – a dip in paradise in an enchanted place that speaks of myths and legends;
    – Santa Domenica (VV) – distance from the station: 300m – an elegant corner of paradise that is part of the coast of Capo Vaticano;
    – Zambrone (VV) – distance from the station: 500m – white sandy beaches;
    – Praia a Mare (CS) – distance from the station: 300m – the Dino Island and the Sea Caves, in particular the Blue Cave and the Lion Cave;
    – Scalea (CS) – distance from the station: 500m – a walk between sea and history;
    – Belvedere Marittimo (CS) – distance from the station: 300m – city of love (home to the relics of St. Valentine) and mosaics;
    – Cetraro (CS) – distance from the station: 250m – in the ancient heart of the Riviera dei Cedri;
    – Scilla (RC) – distance from the station: 0m – village between the myth of Homer and the marine district of Chianalea (the “Venice” of the south);
    – Brancaleone (RC) – distance from the station: 600m – the city of Jasmine and turtles Caretta Caretta;
    – Gioiosa Jonica (RC) – distance from the station: 650m – between the hill with its ancient village and the crystal clear sea;
    – Roccella Jonica (RC) – distance from the station: 700m – in the shade of the Rocca dei Carafa with the scent of bergamot.
  • among the 25 most beautiful Villages in Italy reachable from the railway, finally, stands that of Chianalea (Scilla), about 1 km from the station: a place where, according to Greek mythology, lived Scilla, a six-headed sea monster that has given so much trouble to the good Ulysses, along with the opposite voracious Cariddi.

If you want more information or book your place on the train now, contact us and we will give you the best solution for your needs and characteristics: – 0984-1716300 (this number is also valid for messaging via WhatsApp app … memorize the number in the address book of your smartphone and chat with us!).

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