For Arpacal the Calabrian sea is excellent

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Also for 2019 the Arpacal (Regional Environment Agency for Calabria) has made public data on the health of the sea that bathes our region.

The final response is that 91.5% of the Calabrian sea (about 614 km) is excellent. The objective of the analysis is to verify compliance with legal limits for two microbiological parameters (escherichia coli and intestinal enterococci) identified as indicators of the risk of contracting diseases. The class of bathing water can be excellent (the sea is bathing), good (the sea is bathing), sufficient and poor (the prohibition of bathing persists).

Here are the data divided by province of Calabria:

  • Catanzaro: 98.38% of the water is excellent, 1.6% good, no stretch is sufficient or low;
  • Crotone: 96.13% of the water is excellent, 2.9% is good, 0.9% is sufficient, no stretch of sea is low;
  • Vibo Valentia: 90.7% is excellent, 3.4% is good, 5% is sufficient and 0.7% is low (in the latter case we refer to the area of Nicotera, near the river Mesima);
  • Reggio Calabria: 89% of the waters is excellent, 2.9% is good, 2.7% is sufficient and 5.2% is low (in the latter case we speak of the area of Brancaleone, Gioia Tauro and the entire area of the city of Reggio Calabria);
  • Cosenza: 88.1% of the water is excellent, 6.9% is good, 3% is sufficient and 1.8% is low (in the latter case we refer to the areas of Fuscaldo near the river Maddalena, Paola near Contrada Petraro, Praia a Mare near the river Fiumarella, San Lucido near the river S. Como).

The final response, therefore, is positive and swimmers who arrive along the Calabrian coast can bathe quietly!

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