Busitalia Fast, FlixBus, Baltour, Eurolines and La Valle in Calabria to improve connections

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 In the beginning (it was the month of April 2017) Italo invested in transport in Calabria by creating the transport link with ItaloBus from Salerno to Cosenza and back (click here to read the article about it).
Now it is time for Busitalia Fast, which connects Calabria with Sicily. Specifically, since July 2018, the transport company has implemented two daily trips that connect 4 cities: Cosenza and Lamezia Terme (the International Airport) in Calabria, Messina and Catania in Sicily. The times set by Ferrovie dello Stato Group are as follows:
– Cosenza (h 7.45) – Lamezia Terme Aeroporto (h 8.35) – Messina (h 11.15) – Catania (h 12.45);
– Catania (h 12.55) – Messina (h 14.20) – Lamezia Terme Aeroporto (h 16.40) – Cosenza (h 17.50).
The service includes the following costs:
– € 10,00 from Lamezia Terme Airport to Messina (and back);
– € 12,00 from Lamezia Terme Airport to Catania and from Cosenza to Messina (and back);
– € 14,00 from Cosenza to Catania (and back).
The services that passengers can find on board are: armchairs with reclining backrest, electrical or USB sockets, free WI-FI, possibility to carry up to 2 suitcases in addition to hand luggage (per person) and chemical toilet on board. In this way the two regions are closer to the national centre-north and to the other European countries thanks to the additional extra-national connections of the same company.

But that’s not all! Also FlixBus (in collaboration with Ias Touring and Romano) has decided to invest in our region; since September 2018 there are, in fact, 30 cities in the province of Cosenza and Crotone connected with more than 1.700 national and European destinations. In the province of Cosenza, specifically, there are 26 centers involved, including: Corigliano-Rossano, Rende, Acri, Mongrassano, Pietrapaola and Spezzano Terme; from here you can reach directly: Campania (14 connections with Naples), Lazio (42 connections with Rome), Tuscany (14 connections with Florence and Siena) and Umbria (28 connections with Perugia). 6, instead, the centers in the province of Crotone, namely: Cutro, Torretta di Crucoli, Cirò Marina and Strongoli Marina; from here you can arrive, however, to Rome (14 connections per week from Crotone), Naples (7 connections per week from Crotone), Perugia (7 connections from Crotone) and Milan (7 connections per week from Crotone).
The services that the company makes available to its passengers are: flexibility of cancellation and change of reservation up to 15 minutes before departure, free WI-FI and electrical sockets on board.

Moreover, since the middle of November 2018, thanks to an agreement between FlixBus and Baltour/Eurolines, the low-cost bus service has increased and improved, making the programme schedule of available destinations more capillary (only the national destinations are a hundred more) and increasing the number of connections. Baltour Group has always focused on connections with central and southern Italy, also activating international transport services connecting 23 European countries to more than 500 destinations reached. The services available on board the buses are: ergonomic seats, greater distance between seats, free Wi-Fi internet connection, space for hand luggage, transport of pets, transport of folding or disassembled bicycles, toilet on board, 220V power sockets on each row of seats.

In June 2019 another very important partnership between FlixBus and La Valle was established: the Calabrian company has made available its own vehicles and routes already undertaken for a long time in favour of the most famous low-cost transport. The new cities of Calabria that will be touched by FlixBus are: Diamante, Reggio Calabria, Nova Siri, Trebisacce, Botricello and Catanzaro.

Great opportunity for Ermes Tour given our affiliation to FlixBus! In fact, we are official ticket office dealers for all the routes of the transport company (both in Italy and abroad)! Among other things, all national and international connections so far offered by Baltour/Eurolines and La Valle are also available at Ermes Tour. Booking is very simple: you can contact us (click here to do so) and indicate the destination of the trip … finished!

Have a nice trip!

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