New Frecciargento Sibari – Bolzano: all the info

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The new Frecciargento daily train, which connects Sibari with Bolzano and therefore Calabria with Trentino Alto Adige, has been in operation since 16 September 2019.
It is an experiment that will take a year and aims to meet, with high standards, the demand for mobility of the Jonian-Calabrian basin to Rome and northern Italy. At the end of the year, the cost-benefit results will be analysed and it will be decided to continue or not with the route.
The bus services in the Ionian area have also been adapted to the timetables of the new Frecciargento, in order to facilitate the modal interchange train-bus.
Here you will find the scheme with all the stops and times of arrival and departure of the Sibari-Bolzano and Bolzano-Sibari routes:

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