Holidays to travel in 2020: all the opportunities to be seized

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The year 2020 has now begun and has come to life.

Also this year we want to give you some advice on when you can leave and take even just a few days off during the year thanks to some little holidays, but we also offer suggestions on trends and destinations to visit at any time of the year.

The year 2020, unlike 2019, allows us to organize many small getaways of 3/5 days throughout the year, even if many holidays fall on Saturdays but, as in any circumstance, it is enough to know how to organize and rely on professionals to find the best solution.

Epiphany: 06-01-2020 falls on Monday, so the holiday could be organized from Friday 03-01-2020 for 4 days – the Ermes Tour advice: in the mountains to enjoy the first days of snow to ski or at the thermal baths or a SPA to relax and recover from the winter work and the “culinary labors” of the Christmas holidays … and why not reach Calabria which is both a ski destination (on the ski slopes of the Sila National Park and those of the Aspromonte National Park) and spa (Terme Luigiane, Lamezia Terme, Terme Sibarite, Grotta delle Ninfe at Cerchiara di Calabria, Terme di Spezzano, Terme di Galatro, Terme di Antonimina: some of them can observe a period of closure during the winter, therefore, we suggest you to contact us before – CLICK HERE);

Valentine’s Day: it’s true, it’s not a real holiday, but how do you say “every occasion is good to travel” and since 14-02-2020 is Friday, what better occasion to enjoy a weekend (romantic or not), thanks to the offers made available just for the “Lovers’ Day”? – the Ermes Tour advice: Venice (in this case the ideal is to combine one of our experiences to live in the lagoon on the occasion of the famous Carnival) or the timeless “city of lovers” par excellence, Paris – CLICK HERE;

Easter: 12-04-2020, this year the festivity coincides with the first real days of spring warmth – the Ermes Tour advice: the ideal in this period is to enjoy the first sun of the season maybe on a Greek island or in the Balearic Islands or immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the religious rites of the arbereshe communities of Calabria – CLICK HERE;

Liberation Day: 25-04-2020 is Saturday, so this year you can only treat yourself to a weekend during this festivity – the Ermes Tour advice: you can explore and get to know better one of the villages of witch are certainly rich in the territory where you live (you can contact us and tell us where you live: we will provide you with the best solutions close to you) – CLICK HERE;

Workers’ Day: 01-05-2020, Friday, you can have another weekend of a “bite and run” holiday (n.b. if you have the chance and you can also treat yourself to the 4 days from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th April, then on 25th April and 1st May they can give you a nice holiday) – the Ermes Tour advice: also in this case we suggest you to visit a village or a place that you don’t know yet and that is not far from you – CLICK HERE;

Republic Day: 02-06-2020 is Tuesday so, if you have the chance, we suggest you to treat yourself the day before so that you have a bridge from Saturday 30th May to Sunday to Monday 2nd June (4 days in total) – the Ermes Tour advice: the climate (neither too cold nor too hot) and the duration of the holiday allows you to visit a European Capital, in particular we offer offers for Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, Mykonos, Santorini, Ibiza… (SIGN UP HERE to receive them exclusively in your email, first of all);

Ferragosto: those who also work in August this year have a nasty surprise because the 15-08-2020 is Saturday and so it is really very reduced the possibility to take a few more days off – the Ermes Tour advice: sea sea sea…dove?! In Calabria of course! (Riviera dei Cedri, Costa degli Dei, Costa Viola, Riviera dei Gelsomini, Costa degli Aranci, Costa dei Saraceni, Costa degli Achei…so many names and you don’t know which location to choose? Contact us now because booking your summer holiday now is convenient!) – CLICK HERE;

All Saints: 01-11-2020 this year falls on a Sunday, so the imagination of us travelers can’t find an outlet – the Ermes Tour advice: on the occasion of Halloween there are still many Italian cities near us to (re)discover, even if only in 2 days – CLICK HERE;

Immaculata: the 08-12-2020, instead, fills us with joy because it’s Tuesday so it gives us the possibility to enjoy a 4 days long bridge (from Saturday 05 just until Tuesday 08) – the Ermes Tour advice: also in this circumstance we suggest you to visit an Italian village and this time you have the possibility to move a little bit farther than where you live, without forgetting that in this period of the year are in the middle of their activity and their magic atmosphere also the Christmas markets scattered a little bit along the “Belpaese” – CLICK HERE;

Christmas: you can use the days from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th December – the Ermes Tour advice: above all we recommend (but above all we wish you) to spend these days with your family in the places where you grew up because there is probably no other better way than to spend these special days in your place of origin – CLICK HERE;

New Year’s Eve: a nice holiday to celebrate the New Year you can build it from Thursday, December 31 to Sunday, January 03 – the Ermes Tour advice: the ideal is to spend these warm days in an exotic location, an example? Sharm El Sheikh…or, on the contrary, choose a nice whitewashed destination to spend some wonderful days skiing – CLICK HERE.

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