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There are many news that will be operational during 2020 for travellers who prefer to travel by plane.

Let’s start with the latest news created by RyanAir: for those who choose the solution “Priority and 2 hand baggage” there will be an increase in fares; below you can find details:

  • between €6,00 and €6,60 the lowest rate (unchanged from before),
  • it goes from €9,00 / €12,00 to €10,00 / €14,00 (for European flights),
  • it goes from €9,90 / €13.20 to €11,00 / €15,40 (for domestic flights).

The official reason for these increases is that this will make a wider range of products and services available to users.

Other novelties, not yet operational but certainly programmed, concern artificial intelligence and a possible return of liquids in the baggage.
The first Italian airport to adopt such IT upgrades is Fiumicino airport in Rome: between February and March 2020, in fact, the new hand luggage control systems that will allow you to leave liquids, PCs and tablets in your baggage during the controls should come into operation.
During 2020 it will also be the turn of the Milan airports of Linate and Malpensa.
Also at Fiumicino airport, from the end of 2020, testing on biometrics should also begin: it will therefore be possible to board by showing only your face without the need for a boarding pass; the same procedure is also planned to be developed at Linate and Malpensa.
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