Brexit started: what to do to travel to the UK?

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31 January 2020, this was the last day as a “European country” for the United Kingdom. And now? What happens, what document must you have and what changes must you consider in order to enter the UK? Below you will find a series of useful information and advice to take into account in order to avoid problems and unpleasant setbacks.

DOCUMENTS: from 01-02-2020 begins a transition period that will last until 31-12-2020; in this period, if your stay is less than 3 months, you will be able to enter and leave the country without problems and as you have always done until today (to be clear, you can continue to use also your ID Card, better if electronic but also the “old” paper model is fine as long as it is in an intact and readable format); from 01-01-2021 it is very likely that you will need the Passport. In addition to this last identification document, you may also need an Electronic Visa (like the one used to travel to the U.S.A.) to apply online and obtain authorization (not free of charge) from the Home Office at least 3 days before arrival and that will be valid for 3 months (in these 90 days, among other things, you can use this document to enter and exit the Country several times without having to request a new one).

PAYMENTS: currency exchange rate fees are likely to increase, so withdrawing in sterling via ATM or credit card may be the cheapest solution; from 01-02-2020 will no longer be possible to pay in Euros, but only with Sterling.

JOB: there is time until 30-06-2021 to apply for Settled Status, the definitive residence permit for those who have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least 5 years; or Pre-Settled Status, the temporary permit for those who have been in the country for less than 5 years and which must be periodically renewed. Without these documents you will not be able to work or rent a house and you may be expelled from the country.

STUDY: for the many young people (minors) who go to the UK to study English, there should be no great change. Erasmus students, on the other hand, will have to wait some more time to see if there may be any changes in the procedures for entering the Country.

HEALTH: our Health Card will no longer be valid in the UK so it will become practically essential to take out health insurance before travelling.

TELEPHONE: from 2021 free international roaming will no longer be guaranteed for mobile telephony.

TRANSPORT: the company that operated the “Channel Tunnel” was called the Eurotunnel, now Getlink; rail transport, on the other hand, will continue to be called Eurotunnel.

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