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 This section is dedicated to our ideas about school tourism, proposing innovative paths for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that contribute to make the educational trip an experience that combines the discovery of new territories to the deepening of naturalistic, historical, cultural issues, with the aim of fully unfolding the potential of participants. It is certainly not an exhaustive booklet, but it aims to give an overview of our potential by incentives and reasons of interest in organizing, together with us, the educational trip.

We offer a wide range of proposals to the students of the Schools, all modular and adaptable to different characteristics and needs. These proposals range from art, culture, nature, history, gastronomy, traditions, crafts, environment and are aimed at students attending schools of all levels, with programs structured according to the age of participants. The teaching staff will be assisted by professional guides and tour leaders with proved experience with schools and a deep knowledge of the territories. We can organize the educational trip following and taking care of all aspects: from the transport (from the school to the destination(s) to the guides and / or tour leaders (qualified and competent), from hiking and environmental guides to cross-country ski instructors (recognized and qualified), from booking at places that require a ticket (museums, visitor centers, historical buildings, etc.) to the organization of lunch / dinner if it is provided (both at a restaurant and the bag). For some tours / packages we also provide the overnight in accommodation facilities affiliated with Ermes Tour.

All our proposals have the aim of making the students and their companions live an unforgettable experience.

Why rely on Ermes Tour for school tourism?

– we are not only a Travel Agency, but a Tour Operator with the skills and authorization to assemble all the necessary services to create tourist packages, both pre-constructed and to be adapted according to the needs of the customer;
– we provide customized programs and variables in terms of duration and route;
– the human resources that collaborate with us are qualified, professional, available and with experience in the organization of group travel and school groups in particular;
– we provide air ticketing (both airline and low cost), rail, ship and bus rental;
– we create the most suitable Travel Insurance for the different needs;
– we are included in the platform “Acquisti in Rete PA” – CONSIP of the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance, which simplifies the processes of supply and purchase by the Public Administration in an innovative, simple and transparent way;
– we participate in calls for proposals and facilities in order to find the best economic conditions for organizing educational trips and educational outings.





Below are some of our thematic proposals relating to the educational outings of the students:


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